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Benefits of Using Node.Js

  • Codes run faster on the V8 JavaScript Engine, 

  • Servers can handle several requests.

  • Servers respond using a non-blocking system due to event looping.

  • There is a release of Data into pieces, which eliminates buffering.

  • You can develop high-performance and real-time web applications.

Microservices Architecture
We build micro-services architecture with Node.Js to achieve scalability forming service-oriented Node.Js architecture. micro-services are a group of small services interconnected to build a single application with lightweight protocols. Due to the integration of smaller services, the modularity of the single monolithic app improves. micro-services architecture has benefits:

  • Greater flexibility,

  • Continuous development, 

  • Systematic Data Organization,

  • Time Optimization

  • Offers High Scalability

  • Higher reliability

  • Maintainable and Testable

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