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Why Choose 6vertex?

About Us

This is the tech era where life is moving from physical to digital. From our daily life to business life, everything is affected by the technologies. So, In this journey we help you to connect digitally and keeps you one step ahead by providing security oriented solutions.

We, 6vertex LLP is a small firm founded by the group of engineers that specialises in providing IT services as complete application development services, software security analysis, and so on.

Services overview:-

  1. Software development services: We will provide software development services picking up just your idea for the application. we deliver as an application and provide support and maintenance.

  2. Application Development: We work in Android, iOS, React-Native, Expo etc. mobile technologies.

  3. Application Security: We assess the application in different metrics and do the needful to make your application secure. We also prepare and provide security analysis and assessment report.

Mission & Vision

Now a days we can see the unnecessary overuse of technology. There are lot of technological solutions around us to do the multiple jobs at the same time promising the best in class solution of it’s own kind. But the problem is to pick the one from them and expect this is the best way to solve the particular problem. Surprisingly there is no way to assess the solution.

Our mission is to make the world smart enough to assess and use the technology, and solutions in a way we could take benefits and avoid unnecessary use.

Our vision is to provide true security-oriented, reliable, smart-enough, fast enterprise and non-enterprise solutions to the world.

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